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Take 5 With Starcom – 27/06/2016

June 27, 2016


1. How Snapchat Reaches Millennials

Starcom’s Take: Snapchat holds the greatest potential for brands to reach the major demographic of the millennials. Snapchat continues to prove itself as the best social media platform that engages and gets the users involved. We feel advertisers should have this as a definite social platform when reaching this target group.

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2. Instagram hits milestone of half a billion users

Starcom’s Take: Instagram hit half a billion users this week. This is huge for the social media platform. Users continue to engage and interact through mobile and online. Instagram holds so many possibilities and opportunities for brands to use this medium to target their consumers.

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3. SoundCloud Pilots Video Ads for US Users

Full article: SoundCloud are piloting video ads for their music listeners. This is an interesting move by the company in its attempt to grow in the market. SoundCloud reach over 175 million users globally. This new addition to company holds great opportunity for brands to reach a huge number of potential consumers.

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4. New Technology Could Add Product Placement to Old TV Programmes

Full article: A new product placement technology is being premiered soon and sounds like a very interesting way of advertising. It means that some older TV programs that are running could contain new products and brands can specifically target the audience of that particular show. This new technology creates plenty of exciting possibilities for brands and we feel advertisers should keep an eye on this innovation.

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5. Why brands should engage with bots?

Full article: Messaging bots is used as a platform to interact with brands. They hold great opportunity for brands to meet consumers at the right time and reach them with the right message to answer their request. We think that advertisers need to bare bots in mind when they are looking to grow their consumer market and to interact with different users.

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