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Take 5 With Starcom – 22/08/2016

August 22, 2016


1. Instagram Debuts an Events Feature That Curates User-Generated Videos

Starcom’s Take: Instagram continues to evolve and improve this month, with its continued focus on the apps video phenomenon. The Explore channel will offer users a personalised experience to curate user-generated videos from events that they are interested in. This is sure to reach this Irish shore in no time to further improve the user’s Instagram experience.

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2. Twitter Is Now Letting Brands Sponsor Its Emoji-Like Stickers

Starcom’s Take: Twitter’s Emoji-Like Stickers are offering brands a new and fun way of connecting with their audience. At Starcom, we feel that this quirky feature will offer brands a chance to increase engagement with their consumers within a fun environment.

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3. INM Titles Dominate Daily and Weekly Newspaper Market

Starcom’s Take: INM continue to obtain the largest share in the press market. These sales proves that Press is still a worth medium, with extremely effective impact. At Starcom, we understand the importance of Press and the large reach and circulation opportunities that it holds for brands.

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4. U.S Brands Using Facebook in Particularly Effective Ways During the Rio Games

Starcom’s Take: The Olympic Games highlight the enormous opportunity that social and mobile marketing holds for brands. By having brands engage with large events and significantly large audiences, it offers a truly impactful opportunity for businesses to engage and interact.

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5. Pinterest Follows In Competitor’s Footsteps With New Promoted Videos

Starcom’s Take: It is evident that many Social Media Apps are beginning to focus heavily on the importance of Video, and Pinterest are no exception. ‘Promoted Videos’ will now appear within the user’s natural Pinterest environment to spark their interest and attention. At Starcom, we feel this is an excellent way for the brand to evolve and continue to improve their app, as they are focusing on what their audience want and enjoy.

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