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Take 5 With Starcom – 22/02/2016

February 22, 2016


1. Creating great ads fuels business success

Starcom’s Take: Awards are already kicking off with both the Digital Media Awards and Love Radio Awards happening tonight. Newly appointed president of IAPI, Core’s own Aidan Green, reminds of us of the importance of creating great work enables us to enter award shows. This will encourage us to keep producing great work.

Source: PML Group ‘In the News’

2. Media First – WIFI Spot on AdShel

Starcom’s Take: It’s great to see OOH being innovative and connecting with the audience. This is a brilliant example of how we can make the most out of our media plans and enable us to connect Outdoor, Technology and Mobile.

3. Short – form video drives engagement

Starcom’s Take: We have reported on this before – shorter videos work better especially on mobile and tablet devices. We should seek to grab attention of the user, and then leave them wanting more rather than over loading them with long form videos on pre roll advertising.

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4. Mums turn to online video

Starcom’s Take: Building on from last week’s article on users watching more videos online, mothers specifically are turning to online video content to seek information. Brands need to ensure their message is useful for the target audience (mother). The tone should come across less branding and more helpful to ensure trust is built.

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5. Twitter users applaud new GIF search

Starcom’s Take: 2016 really will be the year of the GIFs. Facebook had already launched this option in its Messenger app last year and has been received extremely well by users. Brands can take a TV ad and take snippets to create engaging GIFs. They can also create 3D GIFs to really capture the consumers attention.

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