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Take 5 With Starcom – 21/03/2016

March 21, 2016


1. Instagram News Feed to Change

Starcom’s Take: For any brands with an Instagram account, they should be looking at the engagement on organic posts to date. Engagement levels should sought to be improved among followers to ensure posts are seen by these users. If followers are not interested / reacting to your content they will likely not see your content due to the new user feed algorithm being introduced.

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2. Sweden’s publishers are joining forces to simultaneously block ad-block users

Starcom’s Take: This is an interesting strategy being undertaken by a large group. Once the results have been published we will know how effective it is to ask users to opt out of ad blocking In order to view content. As ad blocking becomes an increasing threat we need to implement strategies that help overcome the issue.

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3. Don’t mention older consumers’ age 

Starcom’s Take: For brands to get the best bang for their buck, targeting across advertising needs to be broad enough to reach the target but not too broad that it will not reach the target and instead be lost / diluted. As over 50’s have greater wealth than 25-44s it is necessary to ensure they are targeted where relevant.

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4. Mobile drives up global ad spend

Starcom’s Take: Mobile has become our first touch point in many cases. In order to be most engaging with consumers, brands will need to continue to target and build strategies that are based on a mobile-first idea.

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5. Click and Collect is top tech

Starcom’s Take: Consumers have integrated technology into their everyday lives and anything that makes doing an ordinary task easier and more time efficient will be welcomed. In saying that, traditional shopping routes are as important as ever and when retailers marry traditional platforms with added technology that benefits the consumer, these will be utilised and welcomed by them.

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