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Take 5 With Starcom – 18/04/2016

April 18, 2016


1. Shorter is better for mobile Millennials

Starcom’s Take: We have stressed time and time again how shorter videos are crucial – and this research backs that up – for the younger target that is. When trying to reach a younger audience and placing a video ad on a mobile device – it must be a short snippet. Older groups tend to prefer viewing video ads on tablet so to target these groups specifically in this way could potentially see better campaign results.

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2. Content marketers look to video

Starcom’s Take: A trend we’ve seen recent is increased video views and currently brands are not producing enough to keep up with this demand. The recommendation is to increase spend in this area – remembering to keep to guidelines of the previous news story. When pushing these videos out, keep videos short if trying to grab a younger audience and house the longer videos on the YouTube channel or website.

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3. Instagram’s New Feature Hints at its Video Marketing Potential for Brands

Starcom’s Take: Instagram are constantly developing and this change could allow brands to buy the top spot in a promoted video within the search function on the app – if all the Instagram advertising requirements have been met.

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4. Total Online Adspend reaches €340m for 2015

Starcom’s Take: These digital stats reinforce how far digital has come in 2 years with an increase in spend of €77m from 2014 to 2015. It’s no surprise that mobile accounted for 41% of overall digital spend in 2015 – this is our first touch point in most cases and advertisers are ensuring they are in that space. As native grew so much, IAB Ireland broke this out as a sub category of display. This will likely rise more this year especially with the threat of ad blocking.

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