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Take 5 With Starcom – 18/01/2016

January 18, 2016


1. Farmers Journal’ to give print buyers codes for digital access

Starcom’s Take: The IFJ see this as a bold move in press, offering those that buy their paper, complete online access. In Starcoms point of view, this should form part of any pay-walled print strategy and print media should reward their loyal readers with online access.

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2. Snapchat users watch 7 billion videos every day, and it’s almost caught Facebook

Starcom’s Take: This report reinforces the trend towards video content and especially short video formats. Cisco estimate that by 2018, 80% of all global internet traffic will be video. This doesn’t just reflect the amount of video we are consuming but a change in the way we communicate with each other – with Snapchat leading the pack on the latter.

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3. Battersea’s digital dog ‘follows’ shoppers in outdoor campaign

Starcom’s Take: Outdoor campaigns have become increasingly more digitally focused and innovative and this is a great example of how technology and traditional platforms are working in tandem and creating something engaging for consumers. Face & movement recognition technology is becoming more mainstream in OOH activations but there is a potential to be the first advertiser to capitalise on this in Ireland.

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4. Here’s What the Internet of Things Means to Your Marketing Organization-From smart cars to smart marketing

Starcom’s Take: Rather than focusing strictly on optimizing algorithms, we may need to turn our attention to the highly predictable, highly actionable data that the Iot provides. Being able to recognize a customer’s need and act on it almost instantaneously in real time. Business Insider estimate that two-thirds of new cars shipped in the US will be connected to the internet – 2016 could be the year that IoT takes off.

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5. A Case For More Mobile Advertising

Starcom’s Take: Mobile advertising is constantly growing, especially within the millennial audience. Its important that the formats used in mobile advertising are intrusive but not annoying. In recent years, mobile has become the first screen, replacing TV. Understanding how consumers use mobile phones is key to planning effective mobile advertising.

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