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Take 5 with Starcom- 16.09.2016

September 16, 2016


1. Twitter is Adding a Live-Streaming Video App to Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One

Starcom’s Take: Twitter is continuing to grow its brand and with the development of its latest app that will allow users to live-stream its video content on television they are showing no signs of slowing down. At Starcom, we feel that this collaboration will continue to improve its users experience and expand the reach of its live-streaming audience.


2. Google Ends Partnership with AdBlock Plus Partner for ‘Acceptable Ads’ Marketplace

Starcom’s Take: Google have taken a stand against ComboTag , after they claimed that Google would serve ads to users who utilise AdBlocker services. At Starcom, we feel that this was a brave move from Google and that it demonstrates their appreciation of a user’s digital environment. Through developing new formats, this will provide an alternative to the ad-blocking phenomenon, as opposed to forcing ads to those who do not wish to receive them.


3. Channel 4 Launches Ad Break’s Accessible to Hearing Impaired for Paralympics

Starcom’s take: Channel 4 are enhancing their Paralympics coverage through its launch of an ad break that is fully accessible to deaf and hard of hearing viewers. This provides an excellent opportunity for brands to showcase their support of this audience and the charities involved.


4. Sky to Screen Drone Racing after $1m Investment Deal

Sky is bringing the world of Drone Racing to its customers, after signing a distribution deal with DRL. This demonstrates Sky’s acknowledgement and support of new sporting activities, and their commitment to innovating their brand.


5. Google, Facebook & Others Join  Together to Improve Digital Ads

Leading organisations have come together to formulate a coalition to combat the ad-blocking phenomenon. At Starcom, we feel that this union will positively benefit the world of digital advertising, and result in a more effective user experience.

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