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Take 5 With Starcom – 15/08/2016

August 15, 2016


1. Snapchat Is Letting More Brands Run Ads Between Friends’ Stories

Starcom’s Take: Snapchat’s new ‘Snap Partners’ programme holds huge opportunities for brands, therefore it is fantastic news that this pilot is expanding. This new format on the app is an excellent way of connecting with millennials, yet ensures that the user’s experience is not affected by the annoyance of advertising overload.

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2. Data Set To Drive OOH’s Future

Starcom’s Take: The OOH medium continues to grow for the fifth consecutive quarter. Due to the increase in the mediums audience, as a result of rising public transport figures and increased employment, we at Starcom feel that this medium holds fantastic promise for brands to effectively connect with their audience. It is certain that this medium will continue to grow with the input of data, a sure sign of exciting things to come.

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3. Don’t Judge A Millennial By Their Facebook Page

Starcom’s Take: At Starcom, we understand the importance of brands and advertisers maintaining an in-depth knowledge of their target market. This includes noticing their changing environments, as it may provide crucial insight to refresh the brand. This article offers a beneficial outlook into the millennial consumer which can enhance a brand’s understanding of the audience.

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4. Adblock Plus Offers Workaround To Block Facebook Ads Again

Starcom’s Take: Facebook’s plan to show ads to those who are currently using ad blocking software, will result positively for brands who aim to connect with a wider audience. However, we feel that is essential to remember why users are utilising adblocking software in the first place. As opposed to forcing our way onto the user’s screen, we must consider interesting ways to embrace the user’s experience.

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5. Pinterest Launches Auction-Based Pricing To Take On Google’s Ad Business

Starcom’s Take: Pinterest are evolving their ad buying system, in order to reinact a system similar to Google’s Display Network-to set prices. We feel that this will benefit advertisers as it will give them more control of their frequency cap and optimize their media spend.

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