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Take 5 with Starcom – 16-09-2016

September 16, 2016



1. Want to Connect with Millennials? Make a Chatbot

Starcom’s Take: Millennials represent a lucrative market for brands. With their spending set to skyrocket, it is important that marketers are using the most effective channels to engage with this audience. We at Starcom, feel that ‘Chatbots’, such as Facebook’s Messenger, represent an increasingly popular channel for successfully grasping the attention of, and engaging with, this younger generation of consumers.

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2. Brands Will Now Know How Many People Bought Products After Seeing LinkedIn Ads

Starcom’s Take: Since its acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn has continued to improve the capabilities of its advertising by introducing conversion tracking metrics to attribute leads, sign-ups, downloads and sales to text ads and sponsored posts on the platform. We at Starcom, look forward to seeing how these new statistics will create additional opportunities for advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns on the LinkedIn platform.

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3. YouTube Creators Chafing at Ad Friendly Policies

Starcom’s Take: YouTube continue to strive to improve the quality of the social network as a platform for brands to advertise on. Their openness with creators concerning videos containing content that is not ad-ready, should ensure that brands ads do not appear alongside inappropriate content. We at Starcom, feel that this new process will make YouTube an even safer platform for brands to advertise on.

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4. Periscope gets monetized: New Twitter functionality makes brands money

Starcom’s Take: Periscope have introduced pre-roll ads to monetize live stream videos on Twitter. The ability to embed the broadcasts across websites after the live stream has taken place means that the pre-roll ads outlive the live broadcast, further extending reach for potential advertisers. We at Starcom, feel that this extension on Twitter’s Periscope, provides brands using live streaming, with an additional avenue for ad revenue, without negatively impacting user experience.

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5. OOH Powers Ahead with €54m Investment Made in First Six Months of 2016

Starcom’s Take: OOH continues to show growth with considerable spend in the first six months of 2016, with Drink and Retail accounting for the highest spends to date. We at Starcom, believe that the OOH medium holds fantastic promise for brands to effectively connect with their audience, and with the continuous input of data, the potential of this medium is advancing all the time.

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