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Take 5 With Starcom – 05/09/2016

September 5, 2016


1. Instagram is Finally Letting Users Zoom in on Photos and Videos

Starcom’s Take: Instagram continue to add new features to their app with the addition of the ‘zoom’ feature. Recently, they also introduced “Instagram Stories” and implemented a new algorithm driven feed, as well as increasing the presence of sponsored posts appearing in user’s feeds. We at Starcom, feel that these continued improvements will allow brands to create  innovative content that will continue to allow brands to connect with their audience in an engaging way.

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2. Apple’s Store App Knows What You Want And When it’s in Stock

Starcom’s Take: Apple continue to add additional details to their store app, which improves in-store experience and increases the level of personalisation and engagement with users. We at Starcom look forward to seeing how this technology will create additional opportunities for retailers to engage with their consumers.

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3. Google Debuts In Apps Search, a Feature to Find Content Across Your Android Apps

Starcom’s Take: Google continue to add new innovative features which make life easier for their users while also providing additional avenues for users to reach brand-orientated content. We at Starcom are excited to see how this new In-App search feature will be rolled out across well established platforms, and the effect that this will have on how content is delivered to users.

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4. Facebook Starts Testing Stabilization for 360 Video

Starcom’s Take: Facebook continue to strive to improve the quality of the content being shared on their platform. This stabilization will allow brands to share 360 video’s with the confidence of knowing these videos will be delivered smoothly to their consumers. We at Starcom, feel this new addition to the platform will dramatically improve the functionality of 360 videos being launched by brands on the platform.

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5. Twitter to Open Pre-Roll Video Ad Program to Influencers

Starcom’s Take: This extension on Twitter is a very exciting move from a brand point of view, as social media influencers are ideal candidates for brand ambassador roles. We at Starcom, feel that this is could be an incredibly effective avenue for brands to pursue potential new consumers as well as to encourage brand loyalty among existing consumers.

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