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Take 5 With Starcom – 04/07/2016

July 4, 2016


1. Twitter Just Launched a Stand-Alone ‘Dashboard’ App for Small Businesses

Starcom’s Take: Twitter have really put their thinking caps on and have been coming out with new features to their platform. They have now introduced a new feature that is very attractive for SMBs. We feel this is a smart way for Twitter to gain more brands and businesses by grabbing them at the beginning of their venture. This would be a great start for smaller brands and businesses starting out.

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2. Twitter unveils Snapchat-like stickers to add to photos

Starcom’s Take: Twitter have rolled out another new feature this week. This update allows users to add different emoji stickers to their photos they post via mobile. The company have made a few new changes in the last few weeks but this addition adds to the users experience on the site. We feel this will help brands reach and engage with their followers.

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3. Facebook to Push Friends’ Posts Higher

Starcom’s Take: Facebook have announced that they will be changing up users News Feed page. They are pushing user’s friends and families posts to the top and prioritize this content. We feel this change gives users the chance to share their real stories and news about their favourite brands and products. This will allow for more organic sharing amongst friends.

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4. Ireland’s FM104 and Q102 Set to Become Part of Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire

Starcom’s Take: It was announced that Rupert Murdoch is to buy Wireless Group, which includes Irish stations FM104 and Q102. This is exciting news for Radio as it indicates great commitment to the industry from such a high level. We feel this is a fantastic  investment for News Corporation, they will get to know the Irish industry and opens up lots of opportunities and possibilities for many others.

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5. LinkedIn Starts Selling Ads Programmatically as Its Display Business Dwindles

Starcom’s Take: LinkedIn announced that its display ads are now available via programmatic buying, through both open and private auctions. This gives advertisers more flexibility and ability to reach their target audience. We think this is a great opportunity for brands to get involved with and to reach their intended audience.

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