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Take 5 With Starcom – 04/04/2016

April 6, 2016


1. Instagram Expands Stream Limits To 1 Minute

Starcom’s Take: Instagram have been increasing video stream limits from 15 seconds, to 30 seconds and now to 60 seconds. This allows brands to be more creative on Instagram. It is still important that brands recognise that even though the new stream limit is 60 seconds, brands should still recognise that they have a 3 seconds cut through to get their message across.

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2. Explore Mars and the human anatomy with HoloLens which Microsoft ships today

Starcom’s Take: Augmented Reality (AR) will be emerging over the next few years and is an incredible way for brands to create more immersive and engaging content for consumers.

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3. Millennials and GenXers Catch Up With VOD

Starcom’s Take: More and more millennials are using catch up service and streaming their content through VOD. They are watching less and less traditional TV and using catch up services or on demand players to watch their content.

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4. Netflix’s Clever YouTube Prerolls Use Your Searches to Cue Up Specific Scenes From ‘Friends’

Starcom’s Take: This is a great example of how a brand has made a television series that has been off the air for 12 years become relevant to a younger generation.

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5. The New Normal: Changing the dynamics between brands and shoppers

Starcom’s Take: In a world where social media and technology have been a welcome edition as new touch points for brands to connect with consumers. Advertisers and marketers need to ensure that what they are communicating is relevant, relatable and meaningful. Consumers are bombarded with many marketing communications and they will only take note of those that relate to their personal preference and tastes.

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