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Take 5 With Starcom – 02/08/2016

August 2, 2016


1. Google Expanded Text Ads Are Live, and Device Bidding & Responsive Ads for Native Roll Out

Starcom’s Take: Google continues to lead the way with mobile technology innovation. This will benefit the user’s experience as they can acquire more information from the title of an advertisement, therefore saving time for the user. We also feel that this will benefit brand’s CTR in the long term, as user’s will become aware of what exactly the brand is offering.

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2. Rio Games Will Be A Breakthrough Event for Cross-Device Marketing

Starcom’s Take: Programmatic advertising has evolved greatly since the previous Olympic games, and it will now provide brands with an excellent opportunity to target their audience amongst multiple devices. This will also give unofficial Rio games’ sponsors the chance to target an enormous audience. We feel this will have fantastic results for all brands who choose to partake in cross-device programmatic marketing, as Olympic viewers will be watching the games across a multiple variety of devices.

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3. Tumblr Is Debuting Ads That Will Pay Its Bloggers a Cut of the Sales

Starcom’s Take: This week, Tumblr announced that they would begin paid promotions, where their vast amount of blogger users will receive a fee for participating. Starcom believe that this this will allow brands to target the mass audience of creative-minded millennials, in an extremely effective manner by enhancing the user’s media environment through the collaboration with bloggers.

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4. Shops, Pubs, and Cafes Are Spending Money on Pokémon Go to Bring in More Customers

Starcom’s Take: Pokémon Go continues to dominate the gaming world this week. Businesses in the UK and Dublin are now exploiting this marketing opportunity, through creating lures such as ‘half-hour’ promotions. We feel that many local brands can benefit from Pokémon Go, as the game is promoting local footfall. Thus, the game provides businesses with the opportunity to obtain new customers, through the creation of marketing promotions, for example.

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5. Reddit Will Soon Let Brands Sponsor Posts From Ordinary Users

Starcom’s Take:  Reddit will be the latest social media platform to allow brands to advertise on their medium. We feel that this is a clever way for brand’s to engage with native user content on the platform that is relevant to their business. This will also provide an opportunity for brand’s to develop positive relationships with their loyal followers who are discussing their brand.

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