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Our Favourite International Christmas Campaigns

December 22, 2015


A Look Back at Successful International Christmas Campaigns

Christmas is on our doorstep. We’ve already experienced National John Lewis Day and as a result we’ve all bought telescopes this Christmas, right?! Christmas ads have been on the TV since Halloween so what’s next? We’ve gone through the archives and picked out our top 3 international Christmas campaigns over the past few years.

Taking third place, Harvey Nichols - Have yourself a very selfish Christmas:

Harvey Nichols, a UK retailer, used a funny Christmas campaign, backed by a new product line, to stand out from the crowd. With a very clear insight backing the campaign being “You’d much rather spend money buying the things you’ve wanted all year, than spend it buying gifts for others. After all the gifts you receive at Christmas can often be disappointing.” The idea was that people could buy inexpensive, ordinary gifts from Harvey Nichols, and spend the rest buying fabulous fashion for themselves. Gifts included, paper clips, elastic bands, door stoppers, tinned lunch and toothpicks. The campaign generated a huge level of PR and the ‘Sorry I spend it On Myself’ range sold out within a week. Harvey Nichols went on to have their best year to date but we’re not sure how we’d feel receiving a pack of elastic bands for Christmas!

See the below video below to remind yourself of this clever campaign.

Taking the second spot, WestJet Airlines:

We all remember it, how could we forget it? In 2013, WestJet took on the role of Santa to a passengers and it resulted in a tearjerker piece of content.

In a video released by WestJet, we saw little kids and grown ups alike chatting with Santa before boarding their flight telling him what they would like for Christmas. Behind the scenes, WestJet employees are shown working feverishly to actually buy the requested items, wrap them and deliver them to the airport where the passengers would arrive. When the flight land, the passengers arrive at the baggage claim and are shocked to see wrapped gifts tumbling on to the carousel. It’s everything they had asked for. Gifts range from socks and underwear to airline tickets to a 50-inch flatscreen TV. People are smiling and crying – everyone’s hugging Santa and even WestJet employees.

Refresh your memory with the below link which now sits on a grand total of 42 million views. It made us cry and it’s about to make you cry again, enjoy!

Finally, first place goes to, Monty the Penguin – John Lewis:

We all remember Monty the Penguin, the loveable Christmas story which tells the tail between a young boy and his penguin friend, Monty. They play together all year but as the weather gets cold, Monty gets sad – the little boy begins to understand why.

The campaign resulted in 29 million video views of the main ad online – of which 70% of viewers watched all the way through. After introducing us to the story, John Lewis teamed up with Microsoft advertising to add to the magic. They worked together to produce Monty’s magical toy machine – just like in the advert children’s toys were brought to life in the flagship Oxford Street store in London.

By augmenting reality for children, the tech team wrote new software to make this possible which attracting 2,600 children in store to use the machine over 6 weeks bringing Christmas joy to children and their families.

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