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Life as.. A Media Newbie

December 7, 2015


‘What to do next, which industry to move into, which company to apply to?’ These questions ran through my mind having just finished an intense Masters in Creative Digital Media, but I didn’t even know where to start looking. As I waited for my bus on O’Connell Street the answer ironically presented itself in front of me – The Core Media Graduate Programme – the advert spanning the length of an iconic yellow Dublin Bus. I was straight onto my phone to find out what they had to offer. Like with a 2 second Snapchat – I decided one quick look was not enough. What soon followed was a fun unconventional interview process that would eventually lead me to the media world.

As a new graduate, the transition from college to the working world and the media industry proved easier than expected. The fun, friendly and youthful profile of the industry made it easy to immerse myself. I found that Starcom, a media planning agency, would become my new home under the Core Media umbrella and here I would learn the fundamentals to becoming a media planner. It was interesting to hear the backgrounds and work experiences of my colleagues and it was very apparent that no college course can specifically prepare you to be a media planner. As a result, there was plenty of training set out for me and before I knew it I was involved in the day to day business required when working with clients.

Planning for clients is such an interesting process and the range of options presented to a media planner seem endless. Armed with this information it is then fun to collaborate with clients. The battle to grab not just the primary audience’s attention but secondary too is also intriguing with everyone trying to shout the loudest, look the prettiest and be the most intriguing, a bit like walking down Moore Street on an empty stomach. It’s also great to see media solutions teams, be it Press, Radio, TV etc., enthusiasm in trying new and innovative ideas during the planning stages of new campaigns.

Meeting and networking with media owners was a new experience and to say these people are passionate about the industry is an understatement. Each person brings a new and different approach in showcasing their company/brand/station. Many presented case studies to us portraying how a range of intertwined media were used to promote a campaign. They keep telling me that what seemed complex to me at first will eventually become easy to understand and second nature to implement, and only 3 months in I can see this will (hopefully) be the case.

There is also a huge social aspect to the media industry, and I have been told that because of the industries size, everybody knows everybody! It’s like its own small country town! Fun events with suppliers seem to crop up nearly every week and it only leads to better relationships in the working world, which is amazing since all we are asked to do is to have fun on a Thursday night! I know it sounds like I am hamming this up but genuinely everyone from day one has been so friendly and only happy to help out with any questions or issues.

Overall, my experiences so far in this fast moving innovative industry have been eye opening. I believe that the latest trends in the industry see a shift towards digital surpassing TV as the largest medium. These developments make it an exciting time to be working in media and the question ‘what industry to move into’ seems a distant senseless thought now.


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