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Colum O’Hara Bids Adieu

May 4, 2017


The year was 1998, and what an eventful summer it was; the good Friday agreement had just been accepted in a referendum in N.I., B*witched entered the charts with their summer no.1 “C’est La Vie” and a small company called Google Inc. was founded in Menlo Park, California. And, while Google has provided us with many of the great innovations we use in everyday life, that referendum shaped the political island we live in, and B*witched made Irish wedding’s dancefloor that little bit looser, they are eclipsed by an event of such magnitude it hasn’t been repeated for 19 years.

On the 31st of May, 1998 … Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, announced she was to leave the Spice Girls – four and a half years of countless accomplishments, unpredictable success and invaluable memories, we witnessed the end to a supergroup – it’s only fitting that almost 19 years to the day we witness a similar separation.

It wouldn’t be fair to draw similarities between Colum O’Hara and Geri Halliwell – not one for the spot light or people’s attention Colum didn’t see the appeal in Show Biz or Fandom, instead he opted for the modest and tame lifestyle of media planning. Nor is Colum one for late nights at open bars or free passes to concerts, instead he revelled in calm space of an office floor. Famously since Geri has sat on panels such as X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent passing judgement on those desperately seeking their approval, a trait our Colum could never comprehend.

But what do they share? Well, it was here in Starcom that Colum found his own supergroup, and in him we found a bandmate, a frontman, and who are we kidding? OUR NORDY SPICE. For five years Colum has been a key contributor to what has made this supergroup so dominant and inspiring, showing up to our studio with an enthusiasm so infectious and a work ethic so determined we’ve had too many number one hits to fit on one Vinyl (because apparently Vinyl’s are back). From a double grand prix winning campaign for Orchard Thieves, a Rising Star award in the 2016 Media Awards, first place in the inaugural ‘Strictly Core Dancing’ and countless industry awards the hits just kept rolling in. Colum’s frontman status became truly cemented in the history books when he featured in our first music video – Harlem Shake. Leading by example in every sense of the word.

If anyone is deserving of a sold out farewell tour its Colum, and we have no doubt his solo career is shaping up to that of Beyoncé – sorry Geri. But we want a reunion.

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