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Does VOD and TV advertising make the perfect marriage?

April 17, 2013


For a while now we have been extolling the benefits of running VOD alongside TV advertising. They’re spouted as the perfect match like tea and digestive biscuits, Rum and Coke, Chocolate and Tayto (Well the last one remains to be seen…)

New research released in the UK has put some science behind the long term held view that VOD compliments TV advertising.

The study carried out by Tremor Video, IAB UK, NIELSEN and Performics was based on UK consumers and a range of UK ad campaigns but definitely acts as a strong guide for the Irish market.

This insight helps to further support our recommendations and give us a strong argument to base this ‘Happy Marriage’ belief that we’ve long being telling clients about.

The results show that VOD can add between .19% and 1.33% to the reach of TV. VOD is an excellent way for clients to extend the use of TV creative they have invested in – but it’s also an opportunity to showcase brands to those who are not heavy TV viewers. VOD offers the opportunity to extend the life of TV creative, and add incremental reach among the core target audience.

It was good news for the alcohol category on VOD; they registered an incremental reach of 1.33%. This was followed by technology at .45%, finance at .44%, beverages at .33% and retail at .19%.

The study also found that VOD helped increase brand awareness by 5.5%. So it seems that VOD and TV have a strong relationship and complement each other well. Here’s too many more happy years together!

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